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Move Over Laws Exist To Protect Everyone Involved

Seeing flashing lights up ahead while driving on the highway is never a good sign. Chances are, someone is having a bad day. But the folks that respond to those situations are dealing with being stuck on the side of the road while cars whiz by them at high speeds as well. It is not a comfortable situation for anyone, and that is why all 50 states have adopted "move over" laws to protect all parties involved.

Many people don't realize, but there actually is a law on the books stating that technically, you are supposed to move over to another lane when passing an incident on the shoulder. This law protects law enforcement, paramedics, fire department, and tow truck drivers. So whenever you see flashing lights you need to try and move over a lane to give the personnel on the shoulder room. This helps ensure the safety of the personnel on the shoulder. On average 200 people lose their lives which is the reason this law has been put into effect.

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