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Why Keeping Your Tank Full During The Winter Is A Good Idea

Winter calls for more preparation and more caution to be taken. When it comes to your vehicle, it will need some tire changes perhaps and even some wiper blades to be changed too. You may not know this tip but keeping your gas tank full is a winter precaution.

According to car professionals, running on a full tank will save you some maintenance cost. It will also help you keep warm in case you are stranded in the middle of nowhere in the cold. This is because, if the tank is low on fuel, there is enough room for air to occupy. The air will have some water particles or water vapor that will condense in your tank. The water can cause the tank to rust, and when it gets into the fuel pumps, it will freeze in there blocking the way for gas to get into your engine.

Stop by the service center here at Ted's Auto Sales for checkup and more information on the benefits of running on a full tank in winter.

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