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Why Should I Use Windshield Wiper Fluid?

A common question that our service team gets here at our St. Petersburg dealership is whether or not drivers have to use windshield wiper fluid in their vehicle. Our service team has noticed that more and more drivers are opting to use plain water in their windshield wiper reservoirs, rather than an approved windshield wiper mixture. While this may seem like a great way to save a quick dollar, our service team strongly advises against this for a variety of important reasons.

Using plain water in your windshield wiper system puts you in danger of damaging your vehicle’s equipment. Most windshield wiper fluids are designed to operate in freezing temperatures, and can even have a thawing effect on built up ice on your windshield. By using water alone, you increase the chance of your windshield wiper system freezing and damaging your vehicle.

Dedicated washer fluid also contains solvents that help you achieve a streak-free clean on your windshield, and also does not contain the harmful bacteria that plain tap water can breed in your reservoir. Don't wait around for your vehicle to freeze over! Head on down to Ted’s Auto Sales in St. Petersburg, Florida today and ask our technicians about the best windshield wiper fluid for you.

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