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Have You Considered Buying a Used Car?

Dealerships have a variety of cars, and it's not hard to find your dream vehicle. Affording it, though? That can be tricky. One option is to buy used. You can get a used car that costs less while offering the same high quality of something new.

Here's a few benefits of buying used cars:

  • Saves money. A new car that's sold and driven five minutes off of the dealer's lot, loses a big chunk of its value. Buying used can keep your from paying for that lost value.
  • Dependability. Cars have become more reliable with time, unlike the old makes. A well-maintained vehicle that was built five years ago can easily carry you through for the next ten years.
  • Used cars have history reports. Many used cars come with reports detailing their history. These reports can help you make a better decision as well as settle some of the concerns that might be in your mind.

Visit our showroom at Ted's Auto Sales in St. Petersburg, FL for your car needs. We have a used car inventory that's full of great options you'll love.

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