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Do You Know What Your Differential Is?

Unless you’re a mechanic or mechanically-included, you probably don’t know much about your vehicle’s differential or even what it is. Don’t feel bad, not many people do despite the important role the differential plays in helping your vehicle perform safely and efficiently. Because of its importance, the differential should receive regular maintenance or checkups. At Ted’s Auto Sales we know the importance of keeping the differential in tiptop shape.

The differential has a few different roles for a vehicle, particularly with 4WD vehicles. Along with your vehicle’s transmission, the differential delivers power to your axles. It also helps control steering and the turning of the wheels. If the differential isn’t working as it should, it will affect how your vehicle performs.

Your car’s differential may need replacing or may need new differential fluid. Stop in at our service center in St. Petersburg, so we can start by taking a closer look at what is limiting your vehicle. From there, we’ll work to ensure that your ride is as smooth as the day you first bought the model!

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