Infotainment Systems Make Your Driving Experience All It Should Be

When used in reference to the available features in a vehicle, the word "infotainment" has become a ubiquitous term that encompasses any type of data that is presented to the driver of a vehicle. It was originally meant to describe information that was combined with entertainment to make the information more interesting. These days the term is more of a description of services that are grouped together for convenience sake.

Many automotive companies currently offer infotainment systems for their vehicles. Ford has SYNC, GM has MyLink, Fiat-Chrysler has UConnect and Cadillac has CUE. These systems are powered by Android, QNX, Linux and iOS systems. Some popular applications offered with these systems are Pandora, The Weather Channel, Spotify and others, and users can also seamlessly interact with their mobile devices.

We here at Ted's Auto Sales in St. Petersburg are familiar with all these systems and how they can make your driving experience much safer and easier. There are new companies offering infotainment systems every year, such as Volvo and BMW, and new features that assist the driver with auto-driving helps are being added all the time. Your drive is safer and more fun than ever!



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