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Avoid Hydroplaning with a Tire Check

Hydroplaning is a dangerous situation that most drivers have encountered if they drive through rain often. When water doesn't drain from the roadway, your tires can be lifted enough that it's like driving on ice.

There are a number of driving tips that can help you avoid hydroplaning. When you see water pooling on the road ahead, turn off your cruise control and slow down by letting your vehicle coast without braking. This should reduce the risk of losing traction when you drive through the water, but if your tires are worn, it may still happen depending on how much tread you have left.

One way to minimize the chances for hydroplaning is keeping good tires on your vehicle. Here at Ted’s Auto Sales, we have your safety in mind. We can inspect your tires and replace them if needed at our service center at 4021 66th Street N.!

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