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Why is Detailing the Car Such an Important Task?

Detailing your car is not to be considered a chore because of all the potential benefits you get from this little chunk of your time each week. Consider some of the following benefits.

Those tiny pieces of dirt on the car exterior mix with rain and at high speeds act like a piece of sandpaper on the paint. Those tiny scratches get deeper and pronounced the longer you go without a car.

Each time you detail the car, those tiny pieces of road tar, tree sap, dead bugs, and bird droppings, all are washed off the paint surface, so they don't eat away at the paint and lead to the development of rust.

Cleaning the undercarriage can increase fuel economy and put less strain on the engine as the cars wind resistance is decreased.

Stop by Ted’s Auto Sales today to have your car serviced to keep it running as good as it looks.



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