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To Lift or Not to Lift: That is The Question

You just purchased a new truck, and you are considering whether or not to purchase a lift kit, so your truck sits higher. There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a lift kit and in order to make an informed decision consider the information from our staff below.

If you choose to lift your truck you will undoubtedly have better visibility as you will be sitting higher. Lift kits make it easier to tow heavy loads as it reduces the possibility of the truck bottoming out. Also, using a lift kit allows you to purchase larger tires that are great for varying road conditions like snow, dirt, and mud.

On the flip side, lifting your truck will cost you at the gas pump because bigger tires require more power. Lifted trucks are worse on handling especially around sharp turns and are a rollover risk, so be sure to check your warranty - some dealers will no longer honor a warranty if you choose to modify the truck.

If you still have questions about whether or not you should lift your truck come visit Ted’s Auto Sales at our convenient showroom location and speak with one of our experts.



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