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Gaskets are Critical to The Health of Your Vehicle

A vehicle requires many different fluids to operate properly. Anti-freeze helps keep the car cool and prevent it from freezing up during cold weather. Engine oil provides lubrication for all of the moving steel parts. However, while these fluids are critical to the operation of your vehicle, if they end up in the wrong part of your engine it can cause major damage. The part that prevents this from happening by forming a liquid-tight barrier is called a gasket.

Every vehicle has multiple different types of gaskets, usually composed of multi-layer steel. The most common type of gasket and one that can cause major damage to your engine if it goes bad is the head gasket. It forms a seal between the cylinder head and engine block so oil cannot escape, or other fluids enter. When it goes bad, it needs to be replaced immediately, or it could cause significant damage to your vehicle.

If you notice heavy smoke from your exhaust, a loss of power, or a loud engine, you should bring your vehicle in for service here at Ted’s Auto Sales immediately to see if your head gasket needs to be replaced.



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