Bringing a fish home in your car

When most people think of traveling with pets, they assume that this means making a trip with air-breathing animals. While most people do not travel with their fish, there are occasions when a person must transport aquatic animals in a car. The good news is that this transport is somewhat easier than transporting a dog or a cat. Fish and other aquatic animals usually come with their own containers.

Keep the fish in the container and if possible keep the container closed. Make sure the container's occupant has a valid air supply. The trick to transporting fish, especially gold fish, comes at the end. Put the fish's bag in its final container and let the water temperatures of the bag become even with the temperature of the tank. This eases the shock on the fish's body. Carrying out this process allows goldfish to live a surprisingly long life. Goldfish can live from 5 to 7 years.



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