Car Seat Choices

All fifty states in the U.S. require you to have your child in a car seat while your vehicle is in motion. The age and size of your child determines what type of seat they should currently be in. As they grow there will be other investments you will need to make to keep them safe.

An infant car seat comes as an installed base that a carrier hooks in and out of. It should be installed rear facing.

A convertible car seat has a five-point harness and keeps the older child more upright. You should first install this rear facing as well.

Once your child has outgrown the five-point harness seat then they will utilize a booster car seat until they are either 12 years of age or over 60 pounds.

It is important to remember that you should keep your child in a car seat as long as possible. Don't rush them outgrowing their current seat if they aren't ready.



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