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Gaskets are Critical to The Health of Your Vehicle

A vehicle requires many different fluids to operate properly. Anti-freeze helps keep the car cool and prevent it from freezing up during cold weather. Engine oil provides lubrication for all of the moving steel parts. However, while these fluids are critical to the operation of your vehicle, if they end up in the wrong part of your engine it can cause major damage. The part that prevents this from happening by forming a liquid-tight barrier is called a gasket.

Every vehicle has multiple different types of gaskets, usually composed of multi-layer steel. The most common type of gasket...

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To Lift or Not to Lift: That is The Question

You just purchased a new truck, and you are considering whether or not to purchase a lift kit, so your truck sits higher. There are advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a lift kit and in order to make an informed decision consider the information from our staff below.

If you choose to lift your truck you will undoubtedly have better visibility as you will be sitting higher. Lift kits make it easier to tow heavy loads as it reduces the possibility of the truck bottoming out. Also, using a lift kit allows you to purchase larger tires that are great…

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Do You Know What Your Differential Is?

Unless you’re a mechanic or mechanically-included, you probably don’t know much about your vehicle’s differential or even what it is. Don’t feel bad, not many people do despite the important role the differential plays in helping your vehicle perform safely and efficiently. Because of its importance, the differential should receive regular maintenance or checkups. At Ted’s Auto Sales we know the importance of keeping the differential in tiptop shape.

The differential has a few different roles for a vehicle, particularly with 4WD vehicles. Along with your vehicle’s transmission...

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What Makes Original Auto Replacement Parts More Reliable?

The replacement auto parts that you use on your vehicle should be of better quality, so you aren't spending money again in the near future to do the exact same repair. This is what plays out when you buy parts of inferior quality and the discount auto parts stores. Consider our mechanics at Ted’s Auto Sales instead for the following reasons:

It is important to understand that all of those aftermarket auto parts are not built the same. If cheaper parts are made with inferior components, they will not last very long, and you will be making this…

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Fixing a Flat Tire: What Everyone Should Know

When you have a flat tire, the last thing you want is to be stuck. If you are unable to change a tire currently, that's not a problem. It's an easy step-by-step process that will get you back on the road quickly. However, you do want to stock up on some items to prepare for a future flat tire.

These are some of the items that you will need:
  • Car jack
  • Lug wrench
  • Inflated spare tire
  • Tire wedges/wooden wedges
The first thing that you do with any flat tire situation is put the car in park and…
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The Correct Procedure to Jump Start Another Car

Before you work closely with the car battery, it is a good idea to be wearing your safety glasses and good quality work gloves.

Drive the running car as close to the disabled car as possible, the two batteries have to be close enough the jumper cables can reach.

Turn the car lights off, shut off the engine, then open the hoods of both vehicles.

Place of red clamp of the jumper cables on the positive terminal for the battery that is working. Place the other red cable to the positive terminal for the dead battery.

Place of black clamp…
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Avoid Hydroplaning with a Tire Check

Hydroplaning is a dangerous situation that most drivers have encountered if they drive through rain often. When water doesn't drain from the roadway, your tires can be lifted enough that it's like driving on ice.

There are a number of driving tips that can help you avoid hydroplaning. When you see water pooling on the road ahead, turn off your cruise control and slow down by letting your vehicle coast without braking. This should reduce the risk of losing traction when you drive through the water, but if your tires are worn, it may still happen depending on…

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Watch Out for Yourself During a Roadside Emergency

You hope that your vehicle will always run well and that you will always be safe when traveling in it. There is a chance that you could have a problem, though, and that you might need to stop your vehicle at the side of the road. Make sure that you know how to stay safe during a roadside emergency.

If you are forced to stop your vehicle on a busy road because of problems with that vehicle, you need to get the vehicle off the roadway as far as you can. Turn on the emergency flashers so that others will…

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Know the Signs of a Failing Radiator

The sight of someone pulling off the road with a hood producing smoke is not pleasant; the cause, an overheated engine. This is mainly because the engine’s coolant might have had an issue circulating through the radiator and engine, thereby unable to absorb and transfer heat from the two.

As such, it is important to work on your engine and radiator issues before they get you stuck in the middle of nowhere. Some of the signs you should look out for include high fluctuations of the temperature gauge - especially between hot and normal, a maple syrup-like smell originating under…

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Automotive Transfer Case Services Enhance Efficiency

When an automobile doesn't shift to different drive modes in a practical manner, automotive transfer case maintenance or repair services are worth considering. This problem typically occurs after debris builds up around vital mechanical components that power different drive modes. In some cases, depending on a vehicle's design, thick layers of fluid can also lead to performance problems on the road. The best way to maintain the highest efficiency levels is by letting a professional tackle all tasks that involve a transfer case. This strategy is very effective...

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